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The Rebirth collection was made in cooperation with Katarina Tutic.

Staying true to DIVota principle of being inspired by & respecting Nature, the Rebirth collection tells a story about the inner universe of women. It is a story woven into textiles made by heart to inspire & celebrate feminine delicacy & strength.


Photoshoot credits:

Photographer: Gerald Kapounek

Model: Ieva Kohl

Make up & hair: Katja Hofer

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about DIVota

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Clothing is more than just aesthetics.

DIVota designs are canvases composed of fabric, color & good vibes. They are tailored to compliment the body & feed the soul.

As DIV designs draw inspiration from Nature, they are also made with the highest respect for Nature. The fabrics I use are certified sustainable, deadstock, or preloved.

Everything is crafted by hand in my creative corner in Vienna or by an independent collective of tailors in Novi Sad.

DIV fashion pieces are made to order to lower the impact on the environment. Stay tuned for the first pop-up collection & scroll down for more info.

Lots of love,


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First Pop Up

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Handpainted & made from sustainable fabric

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DIVota slow design

by Dina

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